To be honest, our airfield is a jewel. Built in uncountable hours of work by our members, our airfield has a perfect infrastructure for any possible modelling activity. Basis of our airfield is an asphalted runway with a length of 80m and a width of 10m, big enough to let even land the biggest model aircrafts.

Our airfield seen from above
Our airfield

The premises are composed by a big club home with a canopy over the whole length, a big kitchen, separated toilettes for ladies and gents and 3 garages as storage place.

The kitchen was built specially for the European Championships in 1994. We are also able to fulfil the wishes and needs of more than two thousand visitors during our airshow.

The parking area gives enough room even during big events like the airshow. We have installed a 2m high wire fence to protect and separate the spectator area from the pilot area.

Our members enjoy the warm spring weather

The runway gives also large models enough room, as it can be seen on the pictures above, to land securely. The left hand border of the runway (on the riverside) is the limit of the flyable airspace. On the other side we have a large runway with grass to enable soaring aircrafts without undercarriage to land softly.

Our club home

Of course, all pilots have the same problem, putting together the needs of the family with our passion for modelling. For this purpose we have installed a playground with tables, barbeque etc. to make the airfield also attractive for families with children. While the children enjoy the playground under observation of their mother, the father can practice his hobby.

Our playground
A family friendly meeting point with playground and barbeque

The playground with barbeque is also often used by companies and groups who are not members of our club for festivities and birthday parties.