Project "Permanent canopy" - Part 1

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For many years we have appreciated our old canopy, a wooden construction covert with tarpaulin, not only for big events, but also for our daily needs. Especially our F3A and F3B pilots, who are used to hold their trainings at nearly all weather conditions, need such a covered place.

But what's good can also be made better. For that reason the club started the project "permanent canopy" in order to have such a covered place also during winter time. Every one who has ever built something similar knows that it's a hell of a lot of work. The main part should be finished for the airfield opening.

Vordach - Umbauten 2003 That's how it should look like once finished. The whole pavement will be changed and for...
Vordach - Umbauten 2003

...that purpose the old pavement must first be taken away. Not so easy, considering the very low temperature.
Vordach - Umbauten 2003 Vordach - Umbauten 2003

Vordach - Umbauten 2003 Vordach - Umbauten 2003 And a lot of normal work must be done at the same time.
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