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General Information about modelling

The modelling knows many different variations. Principally we know 3 big groups. They are:

  • Radio controlled models

  • Non radio controlled models (i.e. wire controlled airplanes: the ailerons are controlled by wires)

  • Free flying models

Super Coni
Super Constellation with about 3.5m wingspan,
a fantastic model

Today, our members are using practically only radio controlled models. In earlier days, as in the time the MFGL was set up, our members tried any kind of modelling, starting with hot air balloons, over wire controlled airplanes and ending with radio controlled models.

Considering only the radio controlled modelling, we have in this group so many different kind, that it is impossible to list all of them without the danger to miss some of them. Pilots invented many ways to compete. Out of this we have indoor competitions, competitions in mountains, aerobatics with engine driven models as well as pure gliders. The list would be never complete, but shows you that modelling is a sport full of variations.

Independent to which kind of modelling you are attracted, you can find pilots in the MFGL who can help you or are exercising the same kind of modelling. As long as the safety rules are respected, the MFGL is open to any new technique.

Hnasruedi with our big lift
This big lift- a Super Piper Cup - belongs to the club and is used to lift big
gliders or drop parachutes

The MFGL has a own airplane, which is used to lift gliders up to 20kg. Hansruedi Baumgartner is the actual pilot for this model. If a pilot with a glider wants to be lifted, he is happy to take the Piper out of the hangar. This airplane has a very clever rewinding system which was constructed by Max Hefti and makes the handling very easy.


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