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Aerobatics F3A

The highest discipline of the radio controlled modelling is certainly the discipline called "Aerobatics F3A". The MFGL is not only worldwide well known for its success in this discipline, but also had a big influence upon the development of the competitions.

Roland and Wolfgang Matt, two int. successful Pilots
Roland and Wolfgang Matt, two international successful pilots

These successes are based, beyond the great talent and hard work, on the team work between the pilots and on the help of numberless members who helped and supported the pilots. One, among all the others, who helped Wolfgang Matt constructing and developing new airplanes was our president GŁnther Matt. During all these years he helped his brother to solve problems and to find new technical solutions. Also the regular training under the eyes of internationally acting members of the jury helped our pilots to become as successful as they are today.

During the competition the pilots have to draw a defined number of figures in the sky. The figures are mostly very complicated and demand a perfect control of the airplane. Like for all kind of sports the programs become more and more complicated, therefore the pilots have to improve their skills form year to year to stay within the bests in the world. Of course also the airplanes must be adapted every year to the new difficulties of the program.

During the competition the valuation of the figures are done by judges. They have to judge the form of the figures as well as the harmony of the shown program and the adherence to the allowed airspace. To avoid too many human factors in the judgment, a complicated statistical system is applied.


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