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Glider F3B

The discipline "Glider or F3B" is for the friends of the silent modelling the equivalent to the discipline F3A of the engine driven airplanes. 

Impressions at a competition
Impressions at a competition, each team has one or to winches
to pull the airplanes on altitude.

Starting in the year 1972, more and more members began to be interested into gliders. Very soon a few sailors started to build nice and very performing models. Trying to find the best compromise between best gliding capacity, speed and weight they built many models more or less successful. To pull the models in the air they used first a strong rubber band and later a engine driven winch. 

F3J is a similar discipline to F3B but with slightly different rules and
lighter models with a better gliding capacity.

After a few years of testing the pilots had ambitions to participate at national and international competitions. The engine driven winch was replaced by an electrical winch conform with the international rules. From this time on, the F3B team started a regular training every Monday and Saturday to be ready for the coming season. In 2001 the team participated for the first time at the World Championships.

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