The club exists since 1961. Started from zero, the members of the MFGL had a long way to reach the comfortable situation of today. Please join us to view the history of our club:


How everything started

It was the wish of Günther, Ludwig Matt oldest son, to build and fly model airplanes. With the help of his father, Günther could start with this hobby and the father was very soon also infected by a virus called rc-modelling. This was certainly the basis of the today famous Modellfluggruppe Liechtenstein (MFGL).

Ludwig Matt Sen. - Founder of the MFGL
Ludwig Matt sen. - He was the main force at the
beginning of the MFGL

While Günther built his first model airplane, Ludwig and his friend Egon Gstöhl constructed their first hot air balloon. Even though the hot air balloons were only made of paper and the air was heated with a little flame, they could reach very high altitude. Günther and his friend found quickly some other enthusiastic and together they decided to set up the MFGL. On the 13th May the start was given by 18 future members.

The first airfield was right behind the restaurant Pinocchio and on the 6th August the MFGL already organised the first airshow with participation of pilots from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

In the old times
The pilots of the first hour

On the 23th November 1961 the MFGL signed a contract with the municipality Eschen to rent the actual airfield, where  immediately an asphalted runway with 10m width and 80m length was installed. This runway enabled us to use the (at this time) modern airplanes as shown in the above picture. On 9th September 1962 the MFGL held the 1st Int. Freundschaftsfliegen also called IFF and gave therefore our pilots the occasion to compete with other pilots in a contest. Günther Matt could reach in this year the 2nd place.
In the following years the IFF became one of the most important contests with international participation from all over Europe and even overseas.

The air field in first hours
Our airfield during the IFF

The year 1964 was also very important for the MFGL, as the sports association of Liechtenstein integrated the MFGL officially as a sporting club, which was of course also an important acceptance of radio controlled modelling as a sporting activity. In the year 1966 the MFGL became a member of the international sporting association FAI, which gave us the chance to have an internationally secured position for the future.

In 1966 the club bought an old little wooden house, which was renovated to be our future club home. The member worked hard to build the today existing infrastructure.


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