General information about our members

What is a club without the members? Not much, as the members are the basis of every sporting club. The MFGL counts about 90 active members and about 24 inactive members or so called supporters. The number of members (by the way, we have also one female member as an active members) is changing from time to time, but generally was quite constant in the past few years. Thanks to our active work with the youth and other activities we get constantly new members. Due to the exceptional results on international competitions of our members, the well known yearly airshow and many reports in the newspaper our club is well known in Liechtenstein, which helps also to find new members.

12 Pilots participated at a contest near by Liechtenstein in Switzerland
12 Pilots from the MFGL at a fun competition in Thal (Switzerland)

Our members are not only enthusiastic pilots (as you may see on the picture above), but also a hard working troop which built in uncountable hours the infrastructure.

Volker Frommelt and Ludwig at work
Volker Frommelt and Ludwig at work

No, it's not a military club as you may believe when you see the above pictures, but really a very disciplined group of model pilots. The picture above was taken during a working day when we prepared our airfield for the coming winter. As you can see, it's fun any way. After the work was done, the club invited all members for a good drink and something to eat.

All in all, a nice troop, always ready for fun.