Our F3A and F3B pilots of the teams receive financial support for participating at international contests. Not only the MFGL but also the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Sporting Association are financing travelling expenses etc.

To be part of the team, a pilot must participate at a certain numbers of contests with international participation and reach a defined minimum ranking. 2001 was the first time, we had 2 teams for participation at World Championships in the category F3A and F3B.


Category F3A - Aerobatics

Actually we have a national team of F3A pilots:

The national team 2002 (Participation at the European Championship)
  • Roland Matt, Pilot
  • Wolfgang Matt, Pilot
  • Nick Schädler, Pilot
  • Adolf Keutschegger, Team Manager
  • Raimund Wehrle, Assistent
  • Sigi Beck, Arbiter

F3A Team 2002
The team 2002 f.l.t.r. Wolfgang Matt, Adolf Keutschegger, Roland Matt,
Raimund Wehrle, Nick Schädler and Sigi Beck


Category F3B - Glider

Actually we don't have a national team for the category F3B, but the national team 2001 are training together regularly.

The team of the year 2001 (Participation at the World Championship in Czech Republic)
  • Robert Cames, Pilot
  • Fidel Frick, Pilot
  • Markus Schweizer, Team Manager and assistent

F3B Team 2002
f.l.t.r. Robert Cames, Markus Schweizer, Fidel Frick