Welcome to Modellfluggruppe Liechtenstein, or so called MFGL.

MFGL is a club with a long tradition and great success. It is our wish to give you an overview on our activities and how we started. Many pictures will show you the world of radio-controlled modelling, whether you are simply interested or an expert, we have interesting information for you.

The air field - picture taken from a airplane
Our airfield during the yearly big airshow

Beside of a high number of pictures you will find here many information about our club, ranking of our pilots in national and international contests, about our great airshow and last but not least all about the F3A competition (the IFF) we organise every year. We have for you also two application forms to sign as a pilot for the airshow or for our F3A competition.

What a nice picture. The rainbow seams to cover the pilot.
This Picture was taken during our New Years Eve fly in.

We would be pleased, if you would leave a message in our guest book.  If you have any questions or remarks, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

Please enjoy your tour around our website
GŁnther Matt, President of MFGL