189 pictures about the airshow 2002 can be found in the German part under "Schaufliegen/Bilderstory"

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F16 ready for takeoff

The legendary Geebee

Big helicopter while landing

Big helicopter at his landing place

Hansruedi Baumgartner with his SU-26

Airliner fly over at low altitude



UH1B / Bell - Military helicopter

U52 ready to start

The Geebee with all details

Fun model used for the LieGames

Uoups... just escaped..

Mustang P51

Soaring acrobatics (B4) with
smoke system

Aerobatics of it's finest
with the Icebeer Cap

Fidel Frick has always something
funny to say

A Focke-Wulff while landing

P51 ready for takeoff

AT6 - Landing with all lights on

The Breitling Cap 231 after takeoff

Lama flying backwards

Cap 231 EX with a Breitling look

No, this is not a Model...

the big U52 in front
of a beautiful panorama

Acrobatics with a big Fox


Original or Model?

Visitors at our airshow

Good mood is guaranteed