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Ludwig Matt sen. and Wieland Meier

The MFGL in the early 60's

The MFGL in the early 60's

Superstar - RC1 model

Starting procedure

IFF contest of the 
first hour

Start the engine and go....

World Champion Ralph Brook 
on visit in Liechtenstein

Her Highness Princess of Liechtenstein 
at the presentation ceremony

Her Highness Princess of Liechtenstein
with GŁnther and Wolfgang Matt

Pilots discussing technical details

Start procedure of World Champion
Ralph Brook

Model of the first hour

Model of the first hour

Super Coni under construction

Super Coni ready

This is a lot of work

GŁnther Matt and Wiland Meier
at the starting procedure

The MFGL in the late 60's

World Champion Chip Team from 1973

In the competition

Model of the first hour

Presentation ceremony

Wolfgang Matt


Founder of the MFGL...

...and pioneer in the 
matter "rc helicopters"

The helicopters

Detail view

Rotor head

Different helicopters

Rotor head of the new 
generation with pitch control

Our old airfield 
during one of the first IFF