49. Internationales Freundschaftsfliegen F3A
When: 4th/5th July 2015
Where: Bendern / principality of Liechtenstein
Author: Computation office
Pilots: 47 competitors from 15 nations

Information about the competition:

The aftermath - Sunday, Time: 18:00 to ???
Two hours after the competition had been finished, the airfield of the MFGL was already tidied up again and almost no signs of our great competition were visible anymore. So we went to the cozy part. Some beer and wine was still left and we sat together and enjoyed the rest of the evening. It was still so warm, that a few of us decided to go for a swim in the river rhine.
The evening was finished sometimes later in the night and showed, that the MFGL not only can organize great competition but also have some fun together. Special thangs to our Australian competitor Russell Edwards for bringing his guitar to this evening.


Final Ranking - Sunday, Time: 16:00
The competition is over. At very high temperatures we could finish our 49th International Competition here in Liechtenstein. The cup of Her Serene Highness Princess Marie of Liechtenstein was awarded to Stefan Kaiser (LIE) who won the competition in an outstanding manner. Wolfgang Matt (LIE) came in second place and Lassi Nurila (FIN) in third.
All pilots could choose their own price of a very well-stocked gift table. The pilots were also handed out a personal diploma. A special price was awarded to Russell Edwards who travelled all the way from Australia to Europe to participate in many F3A-competitions.
The Modellfluggruppe Liechtenstein hopes that anyone could enjoy our competition and had a great time here in Liechtenstein. We wish a safe journey home to all competitors and hope to see you again next year on our 50th International Competition.

End of Round 1 and 2 - Sunday, Time: 11:00
The first 2 rounds are now finished and the ranking list can be downloaded below. Stefan Kaiser has flown the highest results just in front of Matt Wolfgang and Nurila Lassi. Now we start the flights for round 3. 25 pilots have the chance to fly the F-15 for the final ranking. The worse result of round 1 and round 2 will be deleted. The result of round 3 will count in any case.

Banquett on the model airfield in Liechtenstein - Saturday, Time: 22:00
All our guests were offered a delicious meal this evening. Jaqueline Risch and Rolf Hassler spared no efforts to make this evening something special. They created a very special 4 course menue for the pilots, judges, jury and their companions. The menue really lived up to it's name "Around the world".
Even some small flight displays took place in the evening. We hope anyone enjoyed this great event.

End of flights for today - Saturday, Time: 18:00
The flights could be finished about 1 hour prior to the expected time because eight registered pilots did not attend the competition. Due to this, some more pilots than usual will have the chance to fly the final round tomorrow.

But today is not over yet. The Modellfluggruppe Liechtenstein has organized a banquett evening for the competitors with local and foreign dishes.

Foto of all pilots - Saturday, Time: 15:15
Every pilot has now finished his first flight. During the short brake, a group foto was taken.

Welcome and opening of the competition - Saturday, Time: 07:45
The president of the MFGL Günther Matt and the flight contest director Nick Schädler welcomed all pilots at this competition. Nick Schädler pointed out some details about the procedures of our competition.

Registration complete - Friday, Time 18:30
The starting list for the first two rounds can now be found here: Starting list

The briefing for the pilots will start tomorrow at 7:45am on the runway.

The pilots are practising and the registration is open - Friday, Time: 16:45
At 2pm the registration window opened. This year, every pilot is drawing his starting number by himself. All day, pilots were practising their flights on the competition airfield here in Bendern, Liechtenstein, while the crew is preparing the final elements for a, hopefully, successful competition.

This year, the scores of every pilot will be uploaded to this homepage shortly after every flight and can be checked here by anybody. Also other documents such as starting and ranking lists will be displayed here.

Even the weather looks very good for the whole weekend. Every day, temperatures over 35°C are expected. People are already seeking shelter under trees and tents.

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