50. Internationales Freundschaftsfliegen F3A
When: 2nd/3rd July 2016
Where: Bendern / principality of Liechtenstein
Author: Computation office
Pilots: 54 competitors from 15 nations

Information about the competition:

Ranking ceremony - Sunday, Time: 16:00
Finally, we are ready for the ranking ceremony. First of all, president of the MFGL and of the organizing commitee said thank you to the 10 judges, the 3 jury members and contest director Peter Kunkel and gave them a certificate and a bottle of whine from the principality of Liechtenstein.

He also said thank you to the sponsors of the trophies, her Serene Highness Princess Marie of Liechtenstein, the community of Eschen/Nendeln, the community of Gamprin/Bendern, the community of Ruggell, the community for Schellenberg and the community of Mauren.

A great thank you also goes to all the sponsors for the table of presents. They are all listened at the end of the ranking list.

And last but not least: THE RANKING:
Winner of the cup of her Serene Highness Marie of Liechtenstein is Stefan Kaiser!!! Rank 2 goes to Lassi Nurila from Finland and Rank 3 goes to Robin Trumpp from Germany. The full ranking list can be found above.

But there was even more: Emil Giezendanner, delegate of the CIAM/FAI brought some more good news. Lassi Nurila, Finland, won the World Cup of 2015 and Stefan Kaiser came in 2nd. Therefore, Emil handed over the silver medal to Stefan Kaiser. Lassi Nurila already received his gold medal from his national aeromodelling club.

Afterwards lady luck, Katja Dutler, drew all the ranks for the pilots to choose their price from the table of presents.

We want to say thank you to all pilots, helpers, judges, jury members and other people who helped to make our competition such a great success. We wish you all a good way back home and hope to see you all again next year for the 51st international competition here in Liechtenstein.

Another highlight - Sunday, Time: 15:30
The competition flights are over. While the crowd and the pilots are waiting for the final ranking. Herbert Weirather, brother of downhill ski racer Tina Weirather, performed some freestyle aerobatics in his EXTRA 300SC.

Group foto and begin of round 3 - Sunday, Time: 12:30
The ranking list for round 1 and 2 is completed and can be found above. During the preparation of this ranking list, the time was used to take some group pictures of all pilots with there models.

Because we could finish round 1 and round 2 on time, 20 pilots will get the opportunity to fly a third round. The flights have already started. And the program is the much more challenging F-15.

Second competition day has started - Sunday, Time: 9:15
Exactly at 8 o'clock, the competition was continued. It is quiet on the airfield now, because only the pilots who have to fly early arrived up to now. Also the weather improved. The temperature is still low, but the sun is shining and we expect good weather for the whole day.

Night airshow and fireworks - Saturday, Time: 22:30
Despite the rainy weather, Robert Sixt performed a fabulous night flight airshow including fireworks with his Henseleit helicopter. He knew how to get the crowd on their feet, included music and even some graphics from the competition which he projected on the rotor blades during his amazing flight. In the end, there was another firework. Unfortunately no photos of the flight could be taken because of the rain.

The official programm for this evening is now over, but drinks and some dessert are still available. Some older guests are still enjoying their time on our airfield and some younger guests try to stay awake :)

For today we will finish our reporting, wish you all a good night and hope for better weather for tomorrow.

Second and third course - Saturday, Time: 21:30
The first and second course was prepared by the catering service of OSPELT. The third course, the dessert buffet, was prepared by club members of the MFGL and their wives. All of this together was organized by our member Manfred Bereiter. We hope that anyone enjoyed their meal.

Gala Evening - Saturday, Time: 20:45
We were overwhelmed how many people have subscribed for our gala-evening. Over 180 meals will be served as a three course menu during the evening. And there is even more to celebrate: The japanese pilot AKIBA Yoichiro who travelled to Liechtenstein just for our competition celebrates his 60th birthday on this very evening.

Precision Landing - Saturday, Time: 19:02
The last pilot for today, Zeiner Markus, finished his flight exactly on our estimated time. Now we can go to the cosy part. The kittchen crew is doing their finishing touch. Nick Schädler will lead through the evening and he opened the gala-evening with free beer for everyone.

But, there is even more. Our member Götz Arens plays the piano for our entertainement.


Challenging weather conditions - Saturday, Time: 16:30

The rain has left, but the sky is still very cloudy. The wind is also very challenging at the moment and the pilots have to be very concetrated. Hopefully the weather will improve for our Gala-evening.


Break due to rain - Saturday, Time: 13:45
Unfortunately we had to interrupt the competition for a few minutes. Heavy rain started at around 13:30. But the mood is still good. Food and drinks are still available and we expect the competition to continue within a few moments.

Lunchtime - Saturday, Time: 11:45
Our kitchen is ready. Because of this anniversary competition we made a few changes to the menu. For the first time there is a "Flüüger Wurst" (Airplane sausage) especially made for our event. Furthermore you can get Hot Dogs, sausages and many different beverages.

Competition in progress - Saturday, Time: 10:00
14 pilots have finished their first flight and we are changing to the second judges panel for pilots 15 to 28. At the moment, the weather is still good and also the temperatures are comfortable.

Pilots breefing - Saturday, Time: 7:45
Our president, Günther Matt, welcomed all pilots to our 50th international competition. After Günther the contest director Peter Kunkel pointed out some important information and explained the rules and the schedule of the competition.

Lukas Schaltegger started the competition with the calibration flight for the judges. The first competitor was Markus Zeiner. He had his flight on 8:15.

We hope for good weather and wish a fair competition for every participant.


Registration completed - Friday, Time: 17:45
All pilots have now registered themselves on the airfield. 54 pilots are going to compete for the cup of her Serene Highness Marie of Liechtenstein. The starting list has been prepared and can be downloaded above.

The pilots are practising and the registration is open - Friday, Time: 14:30
At 2pm the registration window opened. This year, every pilot is drawing his starting number by himself. All day, pilots were practising their flights on the competition airfield here in Bendern, Liechtenstein, while the crew is preparing the final elements for a, hopefully, successful competition.

As already done in 2015, the scores of each pilot will be displayed on this page shortly after every flight. Also other documents such as starting and ranking lists will be displayed here.

This year we are very happy to welcome pilots, judges and helper from Japan to our 50th international competition.

The weather for the weekend looks good with a little bit of rain on Saturday afternoon.

This year, you can also find us on facebook

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