51. Internationales Freundschaftsfliegen F3A
When: 1st/2nd July 2017
Where: Bendern / principality of Liechtenstein
Author: Computation office
Pilots: 52 competitors from 18 nations

Information about the competition:

Ranking ceremony - Sunday, Time: 16:00
Finally, we are ready for the ranking ceremony. Five pilots finished round 3.

First of all, Nick Schädler said thank you to the 10 judges, the 3 jury members and contest director Volker Frommelt and gave them a certificate and a bottle of whine from the principality of Liechtenstein.

He also said thank you to the sponsors of the trophies, her Serene Highness Princess Marie of Liechtenstein, the community of Eschen/Nendeln, the community of Gamprin/Bendern, the community of Ruggell, the community for Schellenberg and the community of Mauren.

A great thank you also goes to all the sponsors for the table of presents. They are all listed on the ranking list.

And last but not least: THE RANKING:
Winner of the cup of her Serene Highness Marie of Liechtenstein is Lassi Nurila from Finland! Rank 2 goes to Stefan Kaiser from Liechtenstein and Rank 3 goes to Gernot Bruckmann from Austria. The full ranking list can be found above.

Afterwards lady luck, Häfeli Larissa, drew all the ranks for the pilots to choose their price from the table of presents.

We want to say thank you to all pilots, helpers, judges, jury members and other people who helped to make our competition such a great success. We wish you all a good way back home and hope to see you all again next year for the 52nd international competition here in Liechtenstein.



Round 1 and round 2 are over - Sunday, Time: 14:45
Round 1 and Round 2 are now finished. Unfortunately we had to pause the competition once more because of the rain. Therefore we are a bit behind schedule. Due to this, 5 pilots will have the chance to compete in round 3 flying the more challenging F-17 programme. The Ranking of round 1 and round 2 and the starting list for round 3 can be found above.

Interruption - Sunday, Time: 11:30
Unfortunately the rain and the low clouds came back and we have to pause the competition again. Norbert Matt is checking the height of the clouds with his Calmato from time to time.

Continuation of the competition - Sunday, Time: 9:30
Finally, after 1 hour of waiting we started the competition. Before, low clouds made it impossible to fly. Now the weather improved. Even the rain has stopped. The flying conditions are now ideal with absolutely no wind.

Due to the delay, we will decide later how many pilots will be allowed to fly round 3.

End of flights and Gala evening - Saturday, Time: 22:30
After the end of the flights, the weather improved and some pilots flew their fun models. Afterwards, the MFGL-kitchen crew under the direction of Manfred Bereiter served a very delicious three course menu. In total, 140 meals were served.

Nick Schädler led through the evening.

Tonight some special presents were given to some pilots. During the last few years, pilots from many different countries attended in our competition. And the distance from where pilots travel to us became further and further every year. This year we want to say thank you to the eight pilots who traveled over 2000km to be part on our small airfield here in Liechtensten. These are the following pilots in alphabetical order:

  • ALEKHIN Alexander, Russia
  • BEN AMI Omer, Israel
  • EDWARDS Russel, Australia
  • HEINDEL Alex, Norway
  • NURILA Lassi, Finland (missing on picture below)
  • PALMER Andrew, New Zealand
  • SHEYGAS Sergey, Cyprus
  • SHILOV Igor, Russia

We hope anyone enjoyed the evening with the MFGL.
The competition will commence tomorrow at 8:00. First the pilots 55 to 29 will finish round 1 and round 2. Afterwards the best 20 pilots will have the chance to fly the much more challenging F-17 programme in round 3.

End of flights - Saturday, Time: 18:45
We expect to finish today's flights as planned. The pilots this afternoon faced challenging conditions with harsh winds and turbulences and sometimes even a little bit of rain. Fortunately no models were damaged. After the flights, we will go to the cosy part. Our club member Manfred Bereiter prepared diner. We are really looking forward to that!

Group photo - Saturday, Time: 16:00
Every pilot has now finished his first flight. Half of them flew round 1, the other half round 2. The short brake was used to take group pictures of the pilots, the judges and the jury. Shortly after, the competition was continued in opposite order. Pilots 28 to 15 will now fly round 1 and pilots 14 to 1 will fly round 2 before we finish our competition for today.

Due to this system, we will be able to publish the first TBL ranking list tomorrow just before lunch.


Lunchtime - Saturday, Time: 12:30
The kitchen is ready. As every year, the MFGL and its kitchen crew serve saussages, steaks, dessert and beverages. To run a competition like this, the help of many MFGL-members, their spouses and friends is necessary. Thank you to all of them./p>

Competition in progress - Saturday, Time: 11:00
The competition was successfully started and after pilot 14 we have already changed to the second judges board. The mood is good and also the weather looks better than the forecast.

Briefing and calibration flight - Saturday, Time: 8:00
As planned, Daniel Schierscher started the briefing of the pilots at 7:45. He welcomed all the pilots and informed that Wolfgang Matt will replace Günther Matt in the Jury. After him, the contest director, Volker Frommelt, pointed out the rules and wished everyone a fair and successful competition.

The calibration flight was done by PALMER Andrew from New Zealand. Thank you very much.

Registration is over - Friday, Time: 17:30
Almost all pilots haver registered themselves on our airfield by now. For the missing ones, the starting number was drawn by a young member of the MFGL. Therefore, the starting list is also ready. You can find above. We are happy to welcome 53 pilots from 19 countries to our 51st International Competition!!!

The pilots are practising and the registration is open - Friday, Time: 14:30
At 2pm the registration window opened. As last year, every pilot is drawing his starting number by himself. All day, pilots were practising their flights on the competition airfield here in Bendern, Liechtenstein, while the crew is preparing the final elements for a, hopefully, successful competition.

As already done the last two years, the scores of each pilot will be displayed on this page shortly after every flight. Also other documents such as starting and ranking lists will be displayed here.

This year we are very happy to welcome pilots, judges and helper from Australia and New Zealand to our 51th international competition.

Today the weather is good, but it might change for the rest of the weekend. We hope for the best.

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