53. Internationales Freundschaftsfliegen F3A
When: 6th/7th July 2019
Where: Bendern / principality of Liechtenstein
Author: Computation office
Pilots: 52 competitors from 18 nations

Information about the competition:

This years competition was once again won by Stefan KAISER. Followed by rank 2 Sandro MATTI (SUI) and Christian NIKLASS (GER). Congratulation to all of you. Before the pilots were given their award, the judges and jury member were honored. The ranking list can be found above.

Every pilot has won a little present from the gift table. To make sure that everyone has the same chance to win a good price their rank was drawn. Because of the rain which started during the ranking ceremony we had to interrupt it and move inside. We apologize for the little delay this created.

Round 3 - Sunday, Time: 15:00
Because the weather was better than expected we decided to allow the best eight pilots to fly the much more challenging programme F-19. They had to draw their starting position.

Group photo - Sunday, Time: 13:00
Our competition was first held in 1962 just one year after our club was founded. Since then, 606 different pilots from 35 different countries have competed here in Liechtenstein.

Competition running smoothly - Sunday, Time: 11:00
The pilots are enjoying their time on our airfield. A few of them were here many times and experienced the development of our competition over time. One of them is Wolfgang MATT from our club who is competing for his 51st time this year. He had his first go in 1963.

But also pilots who are not members of our club have competed many times. One of them is Peter ALBERT from Germany. He is attending for his 22nd time and had his first start in 1977.

Start on sunday - Sunday, Time: 9:00
After a rainy night the competition was started with a little bit of rain. But within the first 30min it stopped and the sun came out. At the moment the pilots are flying under a blue sky with very calm conditions. Hopefully it stays this way.

Gala Dinner - Saturday, Time: 22:00
Because of the storm we couldn't finish today's starting list as planned. But this did not stop us from enjoying one of our yearly highlights. Manfred Bereiter and his kittchen crew prepared an extraordinary gala dinner for over 150 guests with salad, a delicious main course an unbelievable dessert buffet. Many, many thanks to Manfred Bereiter and his crew. We hope everyone enjoyed it.

Some people also used the quiet conditions with no wind for a flight with their slowflyers.

Continuation of the competition - Saturday, Time: 17:30
Finally the storm is over. Luckily nobody was hurt but unfortunately some airplanes and also some tents were slightly damaged. Now the air is really rough and the conditions are extremly challenging for the pilots.

Interruption of the competition - Saturday, Time: 16:00
Due to heavy rain and very stormy winds, the competition was interrupted.

Competition running smoothly - Saturday, Time: 11:00
After roughly 2 hours the first judges panel has already finished their first shift. At the moment some high clouds prevent the sun from shining at full power which makes the weather quite comfortable. Furthermore the kittchen crew is getting ready for lunchtime. Treat yourself to a sausage, some schnitzel or just some dessert. They have something for every taste.



Start of the competition - Saturday, Time: 8:00
The first action on this competition day was the judges training. Because not all judges were familiar with the eScribe scoring system it was introduced to them and they had the chance to test it for a few minutes. Afterwards the pilots briefing was held. Daniel Schierscher welcomed all pilots, judges, jury members and friends to our competition before Nick Schädler held the official briefing and pointed out the premises of our competition. Because there are more than 50 pilots participating, discipline is required from everyone involved to guarantee a smoothly running competition for everyone.

To familiarize the judges with our airfield the preflight was flown by the Australian competitor Russel EDWARDS.

The competition was started at 8:00 with the young pilot with starting number 1: Amir ELIAZ from Israel.


The evening before the competition - Friday, Time: 20:00
While the last pilots are arriving on the airfield, it is getting more quiet. Pilots are still using the remaining time to improve their flying skills.

The starting list is also ready and can be downloaded above.

We are looking forward to a fair and enjoyable competition tomorrow.

The pilots are practising and the registration is open - Friday, Time: 16:40
At 12am the registration window opened. As last year, every pilot is drawing his starting number by himself. The first pilots have already arrived on Tuesday and have been enjoying our airfield while practicing. At the moment, the final elements for a hopefully successful competition are being prepared by the crew.

For the second time we are going to use the Swiss scoring system from the SMV. It has proved its reliability in our last years competition and we are looking forward to using it again.ich has prooved its reliability and its strenghts in many competions, also others than F3A, in Switzerland.
As already done for the last four years, the scores of each pilot will be displayed on the homepage of the SMV shortly after every flight.

On that homepage also other documents like competitors lists, starting lists and, in the end the ranking list can be found. The link is displayed above.

Today the weather is very warm with a little bit of wind. For tomorrow we expect the same weather as today but with chance for thunderstorms in the evening. For sunday we expect challenging flying conditions.

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