55th F3A World Cup Liechtenstein 2023

The World Cup Liechtenstein in the class F3A is based on an old tradition of the Modellfluggruppe Liechtenstein. During the last decades this competition grew tremendously and is now a substantial part of european pilot's competition calendar. On one side it is the great infrastructure and on the other hand the perfect organization which makes this competition a special event. Besides the world championship and the continental championships, our competition became one of the biggest in the world.

Please find below some important documents about the competition:

Newspaper reports:

Ranking Ceremony

The results in the final were very close and the last flight decided about the final ranking. After third place in the preliminary Lassi Nurila showed the best flight in the final, won the 55th F3A World Cup Liechtenstein 2023 and received the cup of H.S.H. Hubertus of Liechtenstein. Sandro Matti became 2nd and the pilot of our club, Stefan Kaiser became 3rd.

During the ranking ceremony all judges and jury members were honored. Our president, Daniel Schierscher, who lead through the ranking ceremony, said a big thank you to all club members of the MFGL who contributed to this competition to make it work.

Finally, every pilot was able to pick his personal prize.

We want to thank all pilots for attending our competition and wish you all a safe trip back home. We are already looking forward to seeing all of you again next year.

The final ranking list can be found above.

Preliminary finished - Final started

With a little delay we were able to finish the preliminary rounds. The ranking of these rounds can be found below. The five best pilots now get the chance to compete in the final. They have drawn their starting position. The starting order can also be found below.

Competition is running

Now the competition is running smoothly again. Unfortunately, we had some short interuptions due to low hanging clouds. Because of this we are running a little bit late. But our target is still to run a final with five 5 pilots.

eScribe scoring system

As in the last few years we are using the eScribe scoring system from the SMV (Swiss model flying association). For this year new devices were designed. The functionality only got some minor uptdates in the software but the hardware got a huge improvement. The device is now smaller, the WIFI-connection is improved the the battery almost lasts for two complete days of flying.

The updates in the software are mainly concerned user-friendlyness. The user is being guided through all processes and the software checks if the scores are reasonable (only a few judges marked a figure with zero or one judge marked a figure with score ten when the other did not) and checks if it received scores from all devices and warns the user if something seems not correct.

Rainy start

This morning it is a bit rainy. But the conditions are calm and the weather should get better and the rain should stop within the next few hours.

Gala Dinner

Our chef Manfred Bereiter and his awesome team made our gala dinner something special. Shortly after the competition anyone found a seat in our "ball room" and was served a salad and a main course.

After the main course the dessert buffet was opened. Our club members and their spouses spared no effort to create a dessert for every taste. Thank you very much for that.

We wish you all a good night and hope to have you all back tomorrow for the second half of the competition.

Show flight

While our guests waited for the gala dinner to begin, our club members Nick Schädler, who is also a former F3A pilot, and Hansruedi Baumgartner showed us some glider aerobatics. Nick piloted the glider and Hansruedi the Towplane.

Thank you to these two pilots for the great show.

Ranking Preliminary Round 1+2

The first two rounds of the preliminary have been finished. Please find the ranking of these two rounds below. Tomorrow there will be a third round which also counts for the preliminary.

Afternoon Flights

So far, the competition is running with no incident. The weather is calm, the temperature comfortable and the pilots are flying with optimal conditions.

Our kitchen crew is also getting ready for our gala dinner.

Group photo

After every pilot had finished we made a group picture of all attending pilots on our runway. As we have planned it, the sun came out and took care of the perfect lighting.


On our airfield it is taken care of everyone. Our restaurants serves not just something to drink, but also cold and hot meals and something for dessert.

Competition running smoothly

The first twenty pilots have already finished their flights. The conditions are very calm and due to the clouds the sun is also not disturbing the pilots. The temperatures are comfortable so there are also some spectators observing the flights.

According to the weather forecast it should remain like this.

Briefing and beginning of competition

After a short briefing in which our president Daniel Schierscher warmly welcomed all pilots, judges and jury members and Lukas Schaltegger, our contest director, talked about the rules for this weekend's competition we started with the calibration flight. This calibration flight was done by Hannes Schenk. Thank you for that.

Right on time we were able to start the first round of the competition. Even the weather seems to be in our favor.

Registration finished

The registration was closed and we have created the starting list for the first three rounds. Please find it below.

The airfield is already very busy and the pilots are practicing.

Information for judges: As stated in the competition information we are going to use the eScribe scoring system. On saturday 7:30 we are going to make a short introduction for all judges. This training is voluntary.